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New Principal Announcement

Parents/Caregivers and staff

Following a robust selection process, the Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Tania Campbell (Acting Principal) has now been appointed as Principal of Ramarama School.

The Board was extremely pleased with the calibre of applicants for this position and determined that Tania best met our selection criteria.

I’m sure you will join with us in congratulating Tania on her appointment and we look forward to Ramarama School continuing to grow successful futures, together, under her leadership.

Richard Taylor
Ramarama School Board of Trustees

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PTA News

PTA Needs your Help!

Thanks to those who made it to this weeks PTA meeting. Our big fundraising event (Twilight Gala) is only 5 weeks away. So we are asking for your help:

  • 2nd Hand Books/Toys:  If you have any 2nd hand books or toys (in good usable condition) and you’d like to donate them to our 2nd hand stall, please start bringing these to reception. Dress-up costumes in good condition are OK but sorry no other 2nd hand clothing. We are also looking for 2-3 parents who would be willing to take this on and organise the pricing etc of the goods leading up to the day. If you are interested in taking this on please let Tania know.
  • Food Stalls: Are there are any parents interested in running ethnic food stalls? Too keep it simple a single dish is probably best e.g. Nacho’s, Chicken Curry etc. We will need to know by next Friday if your interested in doing this so we can plan the rest of the food options.
  • Food Hampers: To assist us with putting together some food hampers to auction off in the quick fire raffles we will be asking for donations of canned goods, non perishable food items and or bottled goods starting from next week.
  • Sponsorship: We’re still accepting late sponsorships or donated goods/services.

Stall/Activity Roster: There will be a roster published closer to the time requiring a parent from each family to assist with running a stall or activity for an hour. If everyone participates, that leaves 3 hours doing other things with your family.

Daytime Help Required: We’ll be requiring parent help throughout the day on 23 March to assist with collecting things and setting up stalls/marquees etc so we can kick off by 4pm.

Next PTA Meeting: for those that missed our last meeting, our next meeting is scheduled for Monday 26 Feb, 7pm in the staff room.

Funds raised by the PTA are currently destined for improving the school hall and renovating the playgrounds.

If you can help out with any of the above items, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me: 021 678 500.

Thanks, Peter.


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After School Procedure



After School Procedure

Should you be running late after school to pick up your child, please notify the school by phoning 09 2948 795.


Any child still present at school after 3:20pm when the teachers finish duty will be sent to the hall to attend the SKIDS programme.  You will be notified of this by the office.

The cost will be $3 until 4pm.  $10 per hour after this. This cost is incurred by the parent/caregiver.


Should you wish to contact SKIDS to make more permanent arrangements, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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Pick up procedures and Notices

After School Pickup & Notices

  • Pick up and Drop off zones

As you will have already noticed the carparks get very congested both before school and after school. To ease this congestion we ask that if your oldest child is in Year 4 or above the whole family is picked up and dropped off at the top car park outside the hall.

Please pull forward as far as possible and if you need to speak to a teacher or parent then please park at the side of the car park, closest to the tree line.

If you are using the bottom car park please park in the designated areas and not on the road side opposite the school driveway as this area is marked with yellow lines.  Please be mindful of the traffic and many students walking around at these times of the day. Take extra care, be patient and please park safely.

After school procedure

The school bell goes at 2:55pm. Teachers are on duty until 3:15pm.  Should any child still be on the grounds after this time they will be sent to SKIDS care in the school hall at the Caregivers/Parents expense. 

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16 Apr 2018 - 27 Apr 2018


30 Apr 2018


30 Apr 2018 2:10 pm - 2:40 pm


02 May 2018 12:40 pm - 1:10 pm


02 May 2018 1:40 pm - 2:55 pm


03 May 2018


04 May 2018 9:00 am - 9:30 am


07 May 2018

Term Dates

 Term Dates 2018


  • Term 1

       Wednesday 31st January - Friday 13th April


  • Term 2

       Monday 30th April - Friday 6th July


  • Term 3

       Monday 23rd July - Friday 28th September



  • Term 4

       Monday 15th October - Friday 14th December