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Pick up procedures and Notices

After School Pickup & Notices


We have noticed some confusion around where children should be picked up after school so have reviewed the guidelines and will provide additional support with this while children and families get used to the system.


In order to reduce congestion we suggest that if your oldest child is in Year 4 - 8 then you pick up all your children from the top car park. Juniors with siblings in Year 4 - 8 will be sent to the top car park to wait as a family.    


This enables the greater number of cars through in the least amount of time.  Teachers are on duty until 3.15 to supervise students while they wait and to watch for traffic as students get to waiting vehicles.  Please drive as far forward as you can to enable access to as many cars as possible.


If you need to speak to a teacher you need to park to the side to allow through access to other vehicles.


All junior students who do not have an older sibling will now have to remain in the shelter until they are collected by a parent.  They are then welcome to play in the playground or courts under their supervision.  It is important that they continue to follow the school rules around the use of equipment.  In this way we will have a clearer idea of who is still waiting to be picked up and who has been released.  


In brief:


Year 4 - 8

To be picked up from the top car park

Year 1 - 3 with older siblings

To be picked up from the top car park

Year 1 - 3

To be collected from the shelter where they will be supervised by a teacher


Taking your child out of school during school time or being late to school.

Please note that you need to sign your child out at the office for any appointments or to leave during school time.  Should your child be late to school, they need to come via the office to collect a late pass and be signed in.  In the event of an emergency we then have an accurate record of who is present in the school.



Correction to Reading Eggs slips sent home yesterday:


Please note that Mathletics is for pupils Year 3 - Year 8


Reading Eggs programme is for students Year 0 - Year 2


This was incorrectly stated on the Reading Eggs payment/permission slip.  Apologies.  

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